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Jordan prepares camp for Syrian refugees

(AP) / 19 February 2012

RIBAA SARHAN, Jordan - Jordan says it has set up a refugee camp near its northern border with Syria, in preparation for what many fear may be a mass exodus of Syrians fleeing violence in their homeland.

Sami Halaseh of the public works ministry says the 323 square-foot (300 square-meter) area, located about 12 miles (20 kilometers) south of the border, is expected to be ready in two weeks.

The camp will be monitored by a round-the-clock police guard. It’s the first camp to be set up for Syrians in Jordan since the uprising against the President Bashar Assad’s regime began eleven months ago.

Aid officials estimate upwards of 10,000 Syrian refugees already live in Jordan, mostly in private apartments. But they said the numbers are growing as the Syrian military escalates attacks on restive cities.

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