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City Times /Headlines

Fury movie examines trauma of soldiers says Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt said on Sunday that his new movie Fury, a brutal depiction of World War II, sought to recognise the psychological trauma endured by soldiers.
Celeb Whispers: The latest Bollywood gossip
Arti Dani brings you the latest gossip from Bollywood
Comedians honour Jay Leno with humour prize in DC
The joke was on Jay Leno as comedians saluted the former Tonight Show host on Sunday when he received the nation’s top humor prize.
Deepika was always a star, says Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan, the producer and hero of Deepika Padukone’s debut film Om Shanti Om, says she has paved the way for her own success and that she always had it in her to be a “star”.
Pedro Almodovar gets emotional at Lyon’s Lumiere Festival
Accepting the 6th Lumiere Award at Lyon’s Lumiere Festival in France, Pedro Almodovar bared his heart, as Quentin Tarantino a year before, about what really drove his filmmaking career over the last 35 years.
Seth Rogen talks about fundraising for Alzheimer’s research
Kim’s absence is at least a bit easier to laugh about now that he has finally resurfaced, appearing in images released by state media this week.
Pixies to release demos for ‘Doolittle’ anniversary
The 1989 album starts with Debaser, a violent yet absurd track about slicing eyeballs that references Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali’s surrealist film Un Chien Andalou.
Simmons moves to head of the class in Whiplash
Jonathan Kimble (J.K) Simmons is sitting in a Chinese restaurant in Manhattan, recalling the myriad names — almost as numerous as his many characters — he’s gone by over the years. But by any name, you’re more likely to know Simmons by his rubbery face, seen in everything from Broadway to insurance ads.
Erykah Badu flops as Times Square street performer
In what appeared to be more of an artistic project than an attempt to win busking stardom, Badu recorded her performance with her phone and said that she had always wanted to experience life as a street musician.
Brain Games back on National Geographic
The programme brings you interactive games and experiments to mess with your mind and reveal the inner workings of your brain.
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