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Office Feng Shui

(Align your life) / 26 January 2013

Itís really notsurprising that a business personality like Donald Trump or major corporations like Sony, British Airways and Disney follow the principles of Feng Shui in their offices and buildings.

The ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui has 5,000 years of history in increasing prosperity and improving health and relationships for those who used it correctly. Feng Shui is nothing but balancing and enhancing the five elements in your immediate surroundings. Once these elements have been balanced, energy flow is smooth and uninterrupted leading to good office Feng Shui.


The idea is to create a balanced and harmonious working environment to suit all employees and enhance productivity. To begin with, de-clutter your office. When your office is cluttered, so is your mind. Clutter slows down energy movement, leads to stagnation. Go through the pile of paperwork on your desk. Keep what is needed and file away the rest. Organise your desk; surround yourself with positive things such as professional achievements and family photographs. Arrange your desk in such a way that you get wall support. The wall provides solid support, so you can relax and be more productive. If your back is towards a window, keep the window closed at all times to avoid being hit by excessive energy on your back.

If you have restrooms opposite your office, avoid looking into them. Remove any dead plants from your surroundings. They hamper the good energy flow. Sharp corners, caused by oddly shaped rooms, pointed directly at your chair or office create harsh energy. Prolonged exposure to these corners might lead to migraines and stress. If there is no escaping such corners, place a tall plant between you and sharp corner to neutralise energy flow. Avoid exposed beams above your chair, which make you feel uncomfortable and trigger various health problems after prolonged exposure.

Last but not least find out your good facing direction from your date of birth and place your desk to access that direction. By doing so, you will be tapping into good energy and feel more balanced. Once the office energies have been balanced, ensure you clear your desk on a weekly basis. Don’t let clutter accumulate and keep your immediate space open and airy. Make small changes in your office to eliminate stress and create a perfect working environment for yourself.

 Shivani Adalja is an Abu Dubai-based well-being expert. She runs the Alignment Insitute which offers effective solutions that focus on stress management and overall well-being. align@shivaniadalja.com

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