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The life of Aurion

David Light / 14 July 2012

WHEN IT COMES to five-door saloons, it is often difficult to conjure up different ways to describe their credentials to set them apart.

Most models, regardless of the badge, have much the same attributes, safety records and cost about the same. Like the majority of actors debuting in Hollywood who must fulfil certain criteria on a metaphorical checklist – right amount of teeth, tan and indomitable spirit - before they are allowed to saunter about onscreen, these vehicles are similar fodder in the cast list of the highway.

Yet, like in the movies, in the sea of extras you see meandering about behind the main stars, trying not to look into the camera mouthing ‘hi mum,’ the golden hand of opportunity does occasionally pluck them out of obscurity. Be it their genetically perfect looks, particular swagger or natural sense of style, a certain ‘je ne said quois’ can make a zero to hero in the matter of minutes.

It is the two grades that the Toyota Aurion comes in that raises it above the rest of the rabble.

The two grades are Sports and Grande. Fitted with a sport tuned suspension, sport seats with enhanced support, a newly designed three spoke steering, F1 inspired paddle shifters, and an exclusive exterior design with front grille and sporty front and rear bumper spoilers, the Aurion Sports is aimed at the performance enthusiasts looking for excellent handling dynamics.

The Aurion Grande, mostly popular among UAE nationals, is designed for all those who want a safe, spacious, reliable, and luxurious sedan that transports them with their families and friends with style and unmatched comfort. With leather trim, seven-inch touch navigation & DVD Player, Bi-Xenon lights with intelligent AFS and headlamp cleaner and 8 way memory seats for the driver, the Aurion Grande is absolutely affordable luxury vehicle.

Inside both specs include utility features such as a Parking Assist system, which alerts the driver when approaching obstacles in blind spots. The Aurion also has a new audio system with a 6.1-inch display for the Sport and a 7-inch display for the Grande, a USB/AUX Terminal for external audio devices, advanced Bluetooth communication compatibility, keyless entry, dual-zone air conditioning, and a back window power sunshade.

The car is available with the choice of a six-speed sequential automatic transmission, coming with a 3.5-litre engine and a maximum output of 268hp, delivering top-class level fuel economy and a powerful driving experience. A newly adopted ECO metre allows the driver to recognise when they are driving in a fuel efficient and economical manner. The new Aurion has also been designed to significantly reduce road and wind noise, resulting in a quieter cabin experience expected from prestige sedans.

Driving the Sports edition, the experience was above average for a sedan. The package did offer far more grunt from the engine and created a fun motoring atmosphre. The ride was smooth and the build quality – Toyota standard, meaning it will maintain its charm and value for a long while. All in all, a worthwhile option in this segment.


Hot Wheels

The Formula One World Champion, his Red Bull Racing teammate, an exotic yet entirely realistic new sports car on its world debut drive, an exclusive SUV and the Earl of March’s driveway in front of tens of thousands of fans in (mostly) English summer sunshine – Japanese performance brand Infiniti’s Goodwood Festival of Speed was a success from green light to chequered flag.


THE SKILL OF Formula 1 legend and DTM driver David Coulthard, behind the wheel of the 571hp SLS AMG Roadster, provided the ultimate ‘did that really happen?’ moment for Mercedes-Benz.

Captured on film (www.youtube.com/mercedesbenzuk), the SLS AMG Roadster landed the record of ‘farthest golf shot to be caught in a moving car.’ Professional golfer Jake Shepherd hit a golf ball at 178mph into the Mercedes-Benz supercar, which was moving at a rate of 120mph when it caught the ball 275 meters away from the tee.

The extraordinary film shows the exact moment when David Coulthard caught the speeding golf ball between the seats of the SLS AMG Roadster.

The amazing feat was not only caught on camera, but also independently verified by a Guinness World Record adjudicator who confirmed the unbelievable achievement secured the title of farthest golf shot caught in a moving car.

Dubai’s Harvey Nichols introduces the Enzo Diamante edition of The Official Ferrari Opus. This ultimate luxury collector’s item will be displayed in a specially created Opus area on Level 3 on August 7.

With one copy available per country and valued at $250,000, this exclusive hand-stitched Enzo Diamante edition is bound in the finest leather and features a 30-karat diamond-encrusted Ferrari horse, studded with specially selected jewels. The Opus is presented in a hand-made clamshell case lined with Alcantara, the material used in Ferrari cars.

The Enzo Diamante Dubai edition Dubai edition owner will become one of only fifty worldwide members of the high value Opus for Life Bond.

Porsche Exclusive now offers a new power enhancement kit developed for the 911 Carrera S. It focuses specifically on the dynamic properties of the sports car. It boosts the power of the 3.8-litre boxer engine from 400 hp to 430 hp, producing even better driving performance. Thanks to this Powerkit, the 911 Carrera S Coupé only needs 4.0 seconds to sprint from zero to 100 km/h with PDK in Sport Plus mode. The kit also increases the top speed by four km/h: to 306km/h with PDK and to 308 km/h with a seven-speed manual gearbox.


Bentley’s brand ambassador and five time Le Mans winner, Derek Bell MBE, returned to the French race circuit last weekend to spearhead a unique motorsport challenge.

Racing a 4.5-litre Bentley Blower at the Le Mans Classic (in partnership with owner Martin Overington) Bell was supported by a three-man pit crew from Mission Motorsport - a UK charity that rehabilitates seriously injured military personnel by actively involving them in a wide range of competitive motor racing challenges.

Bell’s support team was led by former Royal Marine Commando Tony Compson, working alongside Gary Dunning and James Gillborn.

Bell and Overington secured a credible 15th out of 69 entries in the Saturday race with the Mission Motorsport team achieving a 92-second pit stop.



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