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Movie Mania

16 June 2012

There’s Something About Mary (1998); Starring: Cameron Diaz, Ben Stiller, Matt Dillon, Lee Evans, Chris Elliott

CAMERON DIAZ TRANSITIONED from smoking hot blonde in The Mask to A-list Hollywood sweetheart in this raunchy yet good-natured comedy.

Ben Stiller plays Ted, a 29-year-old from Rhode Island still obsessed with his dream prom date Mary (Diaz) – even though their big night 13 years previously ended with a humiliating hospital dash.

On the advice of his best friend Dom (Elliott), Ted hires a sleazy private detective named Pat (Dillon) to track her down – incidentally, one of countless movie plot lines which would be rendered obsolete following the advent of Facebook.

Dillon tracks down the vivacious and still single Mary to Miami, and promptly falls in love with her himself.

Thus begins a screwball tale in which a gaggle of starry-eyed men toss their scruples to one side, as they battle to win the woman of their dreams.

Love Connection

Tyler the Creator & Carly Rae Jepsen

DESPITE THE TYLER debacle last week, in which we paired two actors with matching names, it turns out we still haven’t learned our lesson.

Or have we? As a third Tyler enters the fold, the prodigious rapper-producer Tyler the Creator from hip-hop group Odd Future, this time we’ve found a match which would provoke no name-based confusion at a dinner party (or any other social event, for that matter).

Though Tyler is known for his bleak lyrics and anarchic temperament, Carly Rae Jepsen is renowned as something of a pop sweetheart.

The former Canadian Idol contestant, who has had one of 2012’s biggest hits with Call Me Maybe, wouldn’t even need to hand over her digits like she does in her song – as Tyler is a Twitter addict, forever reeling off whatever profound or profane thoughts are on his mind.

Tweet her maybe, Tyler? 

Mole of the Emirates

Overheard from conversations around Dubai this week…

  • “That’s why I always tell the man with the memory”
  • “Like bovine Erkels...”
  • “The cousins are a bit chewy”
  • “An old guy wouldn’t need old guy make-up”

Celeb Trivia

WHEN HE BECAME the 10th incarnation of Doctor Who in 2005, Scottish actor David Tennant achieved an ambition he had harboured since the tender age of three.

As a tot, David was so obsessed by the long-running sci-fi series that he told his parents he wanted to become an actor. Originally named David McDonald, he took the name Tennant after reading a magazine article featuring Neil Tennant from pop group the Pet Shop Boys.

Serving as the time-travelling doctor from 2005 to 2010, David has been voted the fans’ favourite ever version of the character – not bad for a youth who used to get in trouble in school for his obsession, and once wrote an essay for his homework about becoming the Time Lord.

Just for Laughs

LITTLE HAROLD IS practising the violin in the living room while his father is trying to read

The family dog is lying in its basket, and as the screeching sounds of little Harold’s violin reach his ears, he begins to howl loudly.

The father listens to the dog and the violin as long as he can. Then he jumps up, slams his paper to the floor and yells above the noise, “For pity’s sake, can’t you play something the dog doesn’t know?”

Youtube Giggles

Two bad

NICKELBACK TAKE A lot of flak from music lovers for their… let’s be polite and call it “construction line” approach to their craft.

We definitely lean more towards the thumbs-down assessment of the Canadian rock behemoths; after all they did release the execrable Rockstar among other ‘hits’, which is why we’ve been scouring YouTube for a shot of schadenfreude.

There’s always the video where the band get bottled off stage at a Portuguese festival, but we’ve decided to go for something a little more illuminating. This clip plays the tracks Someday and How You Remind Me at the same time – with the two tunes so similar that they lay on top of one another perfectly. In fact, the mash-up even has an odd allure to it, we’re ashamed to admit…

To see the clip, visit www.youtube.com and type ‘Nickelback same song’ into the search box.

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