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Lift Up Your Mood

(ALIGN YOUR LIFE) / 1 June 2013

Sameer was tired of fighting with his wife Tanya. Though they had been together for many years, she seemed like a different person these days. She stopped going out, started adding on weight and slept all day in a dark room.

At first he thought it was just a phase. But it continued for months and he realised it was serious. Tanya finally went to see a psychiatrist and was prescribed anti depressants. However the medication only made her feel numb and she was not the same again. The story of Tanya is story of thousands of people across the globe that suffers from depression.

The normal ups and downs of life mean that everyone feels sad or has “the blues” from time to time. But if emptiness and despair have taken hold of your life and won’t go away, you may have depression. Depression makes it tough to function and enjoy life like you once did. Just getting through the day can be overwhelming. But no matter how hopeless you feel, you can get better. Depression cases have doubled globally in the last decade. According to the World Health Organisation, depression affects more than 350 million people of all ages worldwide, and by 2020, it will be the second leading cause of disability throughout the world after cardiovascular disease.

Many of us suffer from depression at some point of time in our lives. However our mind has the ability to bounce back to normal life in no time. But some people are just not able to bounce back and sink deeper into the web of depression. The most common symptoms are depressed mood during most of the day - particularly in the morning, fatigue or loss of energy almost every day, feeling worthless or guilty constantly, sleeping too much or too little, and significant weight loss or weight gain. There are many types of depression and in most cases; the best approach involves a combination of social support, lifestyle changes, emotional skills building, and professional help. Lifestyle changes are not always easy to make, but they can have a big impact on depression.

Getting regular exercise and sleep helps boost positive mood and releases feel good hormones in the body. Eating the right kind of food will also help in balancing the moods. Eat breakfast and eat regularly. This will help in balancing blood sugar and help stabilise the mood. Eat food rich in antioxidants and protein such as broccoli, carrots, apricots, beans, lean meats, tofu, and yoghurt. Last but not the least meditation helps in calming the mind and balancing the moods. Just 15 minutes of breathing exercises and yoga will also eliminate fluctuations of the mind helping you to live a stress free and healthy life.

Shivani Adalja is an Abu Dhabi-based well-being expert. She runs the Alignment Insitute which offers effective solutions that focus on stress management and overall wellbeing

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