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Do they have what
it takes?

Olivia Olarte / 21 January 2012

Do you have a special talent? Are you a natural performer? Can you sing? Dance? Write? Draw? Recite poetry? Play an instrument? Do stand-up comedy? Whatever your talent, come join the community and share your creative energy with us — read The Dream Players advertisment.

Those who responded to the ad included Angela Ross Ching (Philippines), Rebecca Morrison (Scotland), Vidhya Subramani (India), Brigett Velarde (Philippines) and Laurel Moore (UK).

They were the first contestants who participated and showed off their singing and dancing prowess at the talent show which was held for the first time on Thursday.

For the competition, 16-year old student Rebecca sung and played the piano for her own song ‘Caught Somewhere in Between’, which she described as about “someone who is trying to find (his/her) way.”

Rebecca is not new to performing, having sung at the 2010 Formula One Fan Zone by the Corniche and with the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for a show at the Emirates Palace. However, Thursday’s show was the first competition for her.

“I am nervous; this is a new thing for me. I was always nervous performing but this is a different kind of nervousness,” she expressed before the show.

Hoping to just “have fun and give it my best shot” was Vidhya, 19, with her own rendition of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’.  The second year student at Heriot Watt University in Dubai, who has been studying classical Indian music since six, said she was grateful for the “wonderful opportunity to take my love for music beyond being a bathroom singer.”

Other talented singers included Briggett, 16, and Laurel, 35. Briggett has started singing and dancing at an early age and has attended various acting modelling workshops in the Philippines. Her dream was to perform live and make her mark in the industry.

Laurel is a virtuoso in various forms of art, being a Jazz singer, a song writer, saxophonist, an artist and an art curator. She said art takes her into a different state of peaceful consciousness — a private, creative place where anything is possible.

Giving the night a different flavour, was the Hiphop and Latin moves of Angela Ross accompanied by the music mix ‘So What’, ‘Teach Me How to Doggie’ and ‘I’m In the House’.

Angela is a passionate dancer who was a member and a dance instructor at the Filipino Dance and Social Club in Dubai. But since moving to Abu Dhabi last year, she has not had a chance to do what she loves most — dancing.

“To perform again,” was her reason for joining the competition.


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