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BY RAFAT FAWZI / 13 June 2004

At a glittering ceremony was held yesterday at the Godolphine, Emirates Tower to launch famous Lebanese singer, Diana Haddad's new album. The event was attended by several prominent people, including members of the Press.

Haddad made an appearance accompanied by her husband Sohail Al Abdoul. Besides talking about her new album the Lebanese superstar also signed a contract with Alam Al Phan, the music company owned by Mohsen Jabbar. 

With attendees thronging the launch it was clear that Haddad had achieved a significant milestone in her musically sound career which has spanned almost a decade.

At the Press conference the singer spoke about her career, her latest album and the video clips. "It took me two years to record the album. Much of this time was spent planning the album though it took me only three months to actually get down to making it." That quality to uppermost in her mind was bought out when she said, "I wanted to give my fans all over the Arab world something new to listen too. There were a lot of changes made so as to appeal to a broader audience category. I didn't want to cheat them."

Mohsen Jabbar took the opportunity to criticise the "money-mindedness" of the artists. "Nowadays singers are plain greedy, instead of focussing on their talents all that they are bothered about is money."

This statement made sense, considering a lot of big names like Amr Diab, Angham and Saber Al Robai have left the company recently and money seemed to be the main motive. "I am all alone in fighting the battle against rampant capitalism in the music business."

So what made him collaborate with Haddad in her latest venture? " She is a genuine singer," he said and added that his company will do everything to promote artists like her.

He also lavished praise upon her and her husband who has directed most of her videos.

Diana also shored up support for Jabbar when she said, "One should always work with people that you are happy to work with." She said that her husband has been the source of inspiration and comfort to her.

Replying to a question regarding her album, she said that she had used inspiration from Arab folklore to give her music the right flavour. 

She also said that she had received a lot of proposals for acting in movies, but that she had made up her mind not to act in any. As for advertisements, she said that she was slated to appear in a chocolate commercial soon. She was also very vocal about the obscene nature of some of the modern videos. "It does not fit in with out customs," she said. She however added that only the naturally talented would survive the modern grind. 


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