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‘I love Arabic food and i love Arabic music’

/ 4 October 2011

Kim’s E! reality show will be following her around Dubai to document the trip

KIM KARDASHIAN, THE world’s most famous newly-wed following her September wedding to US Basketball professional Kris Humphries, has revealed her excitement at visiting the UAE next month. 

The star is set to open popular milkshake bar ‘Millions of Milkshakes’ with her mother Kris Jenner at The Dubai Mall on October 14, where the pair will create their own signature milkshakes for fans.  The store is being launched for the first time outside of the US.

Kim and Kris are making a three-day visit to the UAE and they will create their signature shakes at Millions of Milkshakes’  grand opening, which the reality stars gushed about in a recent interview with Hollywood.TV.

Kim Kardashian says, “I am really exciting to be launching my own shake, because I launched a shake in Los Angeles when Millions of Milkshakes first opened.  I still can’t decide on my milkshakes.  I have two favorites.  Maybe I’ll talk my mum into picking one of them and I’ll have the other one, that way I can have the best of both worlds.”

Kim reveals that her top-rated E! show, broadcast internationally, will film her every move in the UAE, saying,  “When someone says Dubai, I think of this glamorous place.  I think about the fashion, about food.  I think about the culture over there – [it] is something that I’m so not used to, I just want to embrace it.  When I was first invited to Dubai I was so excited because it’s a place I’ve just always wanted to go.  I’ve never been to the Middle East.  This will be my first trip and I’m going with friends.  I really want to see the town.  My E! show will be following us to Dubai and whole experience of coming [to] this country and seeing Dubai for the first time…  I’m so excited to bring my TV show so the US can really see what Dubai is really like and to kind of document my experience”.

Further, the US Reality star and entrepreneur also revealed that while in Dubai she will be looking into possible business opportunities, including the possibility of opening a UAE branch of her clothing boutique, Dash, which has been a hit in the States. 

“I am so open to different business ventures.  I’m a business woman, at the end of the day.  I just want to get out and see what it’s all about.  My sisters and I get asked all the time to open up a Dash store in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.  I think it’s just really important for me to see what it’s like first.  I don’t want to dive in too soon.  I’d like to spend more time in Dubai and I [will] hopefully set up a store there soon”.

Sharing details of her Armenian heritage, the star cannot hide her enthusiasm for the Middle East and all things Arabic, “I love Arabic food,” says Kim, “and I love Arabic music.  I mean, I’m half Armenian, so I love Middle Eastern food.  I’m curious to see what the food will be like.  I’m hoping to be able to learn about the fashion.  I’d love to take some of their influence back with me, I mean I have my own Kardashian collection clothing line so I would love fashion from another place to inspire me”.

Mum Kris expressed similar sentiments, saying “Obviously, the fashion industry is what we’re really about right now but the real estate business is so intriguing to me.  It’s the one category we haven’t really [explored] yet.  It would be really fun to have a night club, or have a building and design the rooms and things because that sort of taps into the creativity and the fashion we love so much.  When we first got invited to Dubai, the first thing we could think of was how much we’ve heard about the city, the country, the culture… It’s a part of the world that is magical for us.  We would really love to one day create a business over there, which we can really be passionate about.”

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