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Nol Card top-up becomes online

(Wam) / 16 May 2011

DUBAI - The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched a new service whereby Nol card balance can be recharged online through the service portal.

Commenting on the new service, Abdullah Al Madani, the CEO of RTA Corporate Technical Support Services Sector, said: “Online top-up of Nol Card is now available for all holders of Nol Blue, Gold and Silver cards.

“A credit can be added to the Nol card balance via the Nol card portal by means of clicking “Nol e-Services” option button, where the user will be guided to a few and simple steps to complete the process,” he added.

Luluaa Al Asmakh, Deputy Director of Automatic Fare Collection, said that users should note that the configured Nol Blue Card, which carries the photo of the card holder, does not need to be pre-configured through the Nol Card Portal, as its holder can enjoy the service through following the said steps.

“However, as to the top-up of silver and gold cards, they should be configured online first by pressing “Nol e-Services” link, and then pressing “Apply to personalise your card”. Once this procedure is completed and a confirmation is received from the system that the card has been configured, the user has then to follow the steps of topping up the card. It should also be noted here that the process of configuring Nol Silver and Gold Cards is done free of charge,” continued Luluaa.

Al Madani said: “The minimum value of topping-up Nol cards online is Dh30 while the maximum value of the online top-up is Dh500.

Thus all users of mass transit modes in the Emirate of Dubai can now recharge their Nol Blue cards as well as the configured Silver and Gold Nol cards online.”

Explaining the procedure, Al Madani said: “The user needs to submit a card top-up application form online. The card will actually be topped up when used at any metro gate or paid parking meters. Sending the card top-up order from the portal to the metro entry gates takes no more than 48 hours.

“The user is allowed to carry out one top-up at a time, i.e. in case there is an incomplete transaction in the system, the user cannot start a new transaction unless he/she completes the previous one and tops up the card.”

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