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UAE sets example for world to emulate: FNC

Staff Reporter / 30 November 2010

ABU DHABI - The UAE have set an example many countries in the world are looking to follow, for the incalculable achievements it has made in a 
short time.

“The UAE federation has no longer become an experience, but an example all countries in the world view it as a success that it has surmounted all expectations due to the enormous achievements it has made within the past 39 years, said Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair, speaker of the Federal National Council (FNC). The 39 years, according to him, are few for setting up a sovereign state that wins accolade and respect of all the countries in the world.

He described the federation as a miracle being achieved by the sincere determination and vision.

These are qualities of our founding leader Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who after assuming office as ruler of Abu Dhabi, went ahead with iron-willed policies.

“The UAE is the heart for each and every Emirati, and also for every Arab citizen, as the UAE people stems its power and entity from the strength of this federation, which was born giant”, he said.

Moreover, he noted, the Federation sends a strong message to every Arab citizen that the Arabian dream is still possible, and the UAE federation is a clear crystal evidence.”

“The UAE National Day is a feat of pride and dignity for every Emirati, as by the federation the Almighty Allah has made us strong and honoured with the sense of patriotism, which many nations have lacked,” said Ahmed bin Shabib Al Dhahiri, First Deputy Speaker, FNC.

Dr Aisha Al Roumi, FNC member, said: “The Emirati woman has become an example for a contemporary Muslim woman under the UAE union. She took up positions as an Arab woman would never have dreamed of. The Emirati woman has assumed now senior passions such as a minister, an ambassador, a parliament member, a director and in other top positions which were earlier only reserved for men.”

“The unity of the Emirates and the people who stood behind the union have bestowed everything to the Emirati woman. That’s why she has to adhere to this union which means life to her,” she added.

Meanwhile, Dr Najlaa Al Teneiji, FNC member, said: “We feel the value and importance of the UAE union when we take part in the world conferences and events abroad. We see a look of admiration and dazzle in people’s eyes who get astonished with the high performances of UAE women.”

“The people we meet at world conventions always ask about the reasons which prompts a UAE woman to achieve success,” she added.

Dr Najlaa went on to say that the top leaders insists on unity.

“We drove away selfishness and with good faith worked sincerely for the UAE as a state,” she said.  


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