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Lethal drug killed Hamas commander: Police

Amira Abdullah (Staff Reporter) / 28 February 2010

According to Dubai Police, the operatives involved in the murder of killing of Hamas commander Mabhouh used Succinylcholine to first paralyse and then kill him eventually.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, Major General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, said that the drug also known as Suxamethonium chloride has been used as a paralyzing agent for executions by lethal injection. Suxamethonium is sold under the trade names Anectine and Scoline .

According to the report by the General Department of Forensic sciences, this drug is very hard to trace within the system and in broken down by enzymes in the body making it virtually impossible to detect during postmortem.

Al Mazeina said that the department was able to reach the conclusion that the drug was used because they found traces of the drug on the skin of the victim. He also said that killers first injected Mahboub’s thigh with the drug and then once it began to take effect on him, they strangulated him to death.

He also said that the drug which was first discovered in 1950 in Vienna, Austria could have been injected in massive amounts bringing about death in the victim. He also said that it was the same drug that was involved in the murder of some top ranking Palestinian activists in Kuwait in 2001.

The Dubai Police have already put together incriminating footage of the immediate circumstances in which Hamas commander Mahmoud Al Mabhouh was killed in Dubai on January 20.

In a strong statement that signals UAE’s intention to bring the perpetrators of Mahbouh killing to book, Lieutenant General and Chief Of Dubai Police, Dhahi Khalfan Tamim said the government was serious in pursuing the perpetrators of the heinous crime. He said that the Dubai Police is likely to name another suspect very soon thus bringing the total number of suspects in the case to 27.


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