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Police Seize Hundreds of Licences after Accidents

Amira Agarib / 13 August 2009

DUBAI — Dubai’s traffic police have seizeds hundreds of driving licenses for various offences and have set up new teams to seize hundreds more whose holders have accumulated more than 24 black points.

Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafin, Director of General Department of Traffic, said police had seized 808 licenses for various offences between January and June.

He said another 821 drivers would have their licenses withdrawn for traffic offences that amounted to more than the maximum of 24 black points.

The General Department of Traffic figures show many drivers have accumulated violations over several years and the Fines Followup Department of Dubai Police has set up new teams to trace them.

“Most people ignore traffic violations registered on their driving license, which can be renewed after 10 years, unlike car registrations which are renewed every year,” Al Zafin said.

“According to the new system, everybody needs to review their violations to avoid having their driving license seized while they are on the road.

“Motorists whose driving licenses are seized by the police (and are still found driving) will be referred on the spot to the courts, because the law bans those who have accumulated more than 24 black points from driving.”

The stringency follows major accidents on Dubai roads on Wednesday. Police are searching for a man who fled after a crash which occurred when he lost control of his speeding car, killing one of the three he hit at a bus stop.

A teenage boy died in another crash on Wednesday when his unlicensed friend, also a teenager, drove his father’s car and crashed into another.

Of the more than 1600 motorists that have come under Dubai Police’s radar recently, 752 were Pakistanis, 388 Emiratis and 214 Indians

Al Zafin said that the driving license of the driver would also be seized if the person had a large amount of outstanding fines.

Al Zafin said police could withdraw licenses and cars for fines of more than Dh500, but werefocusing on drivers who had substantial outstandings.

The police can not only seize cars of drivers who rack up offences in the emirate of Dubai,  but also for violations that occur in other emirates.

He said some offences were also accrued when motorists sold their cars without transferring the registration to the buyer.

Then violations continue to add up on the previous owner’s license.

Al Zafin said the department was taking measures to ensure that any traffic violation is recorded against the offender’s driver’s license, not that of a friend or family member who may have been driving the car.

He said that traffic department has also facilitated the payment of fines by providing facilities online, or at shopping malls and the traffic department.

He said that to reduce black points motorists could join driving courses.


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