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Khans kiss and make up

/ 22 July 2008

City Times gives you an exclusive insight into how Aamir and Gauri intervened to bring the Salman-Shah Rukh spat to an end

WHAT TURNED out to be an ego tussle between two of Bollywood’s biggest stars at Katrina Kaif’s 24th birthday bash at Olive on July 16, was finally brought under control by two people— Aamir Khan and Gauri Khan.

While Salman and Shah Rukh vented their pent-up feelings at the party, this, like all their other previous fights, ended in a hug and make-up venture! Katrina was responsible for bringing the two together at last year’s Zee Awards, and Shah Rukh’s reasoning is that he fought for Katrina-Salman, as opposed to Ash and Abhishek.

While the world heard that Katrina and Salman had ‘outshone’ Ash and Abhishek by ‘lifting’ their dance number, Shah Rukh claimed that Katrina arrived at the awards venue too late to even have enough time for rehearsals...so the number couldn’t have been lifted.

While all this clearly showed that Salman and Shah Rukh showed solidarity against the ‘Bachchan camp’, these two 40-oddyear- olds were even more thrilled when Aamir Khan and Saif Khan joined their ‘camp’.

But just a few days before Katrina’s party, Salman was said to be sulking with Shah Rukh about his brother’s film.

Slightly high, he reportedly riled Shah Rukh with ‘Are you really a Paanchvi Pass yourself’? Shah Rukh, apparently high himself, retaliated with ‘There’s no dum in your Dus Ka Dum...’ Each then argued about the ratings of their respective TV shows, both being highly competitive by nature.

Gauri Khan who realised that their loud arguments were upsetting Katrina insisted that Shah Rukh shut up. A sulky Shah Rukh suddenly got up and insisted on leaving the party.

At this juncture, it was apparently Aamir Khan who stepped in and berated Salman for his stupidity.

Aamir is said to have insisted that Salman apologise to Shah Rukh, since this would otherwise affect the Khan solidarity. It would also put the film which the four Khans (Aamir, Shah Rukh, Salman and Saif) are said to be planning together, on the line.

A totally miffed Katrina is said to have told Gauri, “Let these two 40-year-olds fight it out amongst themselves...” They had managed to ruin her big day anyway.

A contrite Salman, who realised he had upset Katrina, insisted that they continue the party at his home, since his parents, Salim and Salma had left for their farmhouse at Karjat after putting in an appearance at Katrina’s do.

Aamir was amongst the few friends who went home with the couple and he apparently continued to tell Salman to seriously end this fight with Shah Rukh there and then and not let it fester.

Early morning patch up

Down the road from Salman’s Galaxy Apartments home, at Shah Rukh and Gauri’s home Mannat, Gauri was also busy working on her husband...

Finally, it was in the early hours of the morning that Shah Rukh and Gauri came across to Salman’s, where the two men hugged and made up! Salman reportedly apologised to Shah Rukh with, “Sorry brother, I was slightly gone and didn’t really mean anything seriously.

I was just joking with you...”

One can only wait for the next time these two macho Khans, like tomcats, decide to mark out their territory again! They started off well in Karan Arjun as friends, when Salman supported Shah Rukh who was facing problems from the media.

Then they fought over the Ash issue (when she tried to cause trouble between the two heroes) in Chalte Chalte. However, they did later make up at Farah Khan’s pre-wedding celebrations.

The relationship however remained on tentative ground till it flared up again with the release of Shah Rukh’s Don and Salman’s Jaane-e-Mann clashing at the box-office.

Adding flames to the fire was the fact that Shah Rukh threw a big party for his book release on the same day as Sajid Nadiadwala’s Jaane-e-Mann party. He invited most of the industry, stealing the thunder from Salman.

But Zee Awards last year saw them together again. Now let’s hope this Khan clinch lasts long.

Says a director who wants to remain anonymous, “Both Salman and Shah Rukh have life-size egos. They both think they are the best. It is a fact that they do not really like each other but they have learnt to tolerate one another.

They are ‘cordial’ co-stars.

They wish each other on Eid, congratulate one another on occasions . .but they can never really be friends. They are both very competitive. But, as long as they are civil to each other it should keep the peace.

No one in this industry is stupid enough to take sides with two such powerful people. That is just media hype. And believe me there was no mention of Aishwarya between the two like it was reported. It was just an uncalled for ridiculous argument between two spoilt, egoistical party poopers.”

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