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Wary Google Announces New Search Tools

Anshuman Joshi / 14 May 2009

DUBAI — Days after Wolfram Alpha was described as ‘Google Killer’, Google upped it ante in the ‘war of the search engines’ and released a new set of tools. They allow navigators to better coordinate search results and produce sophisticated automated research reports.

At their headquarters in Mountain View, California, Google executives demonstrated tools that will make sure the search results generated from your personal computer tally with those of your web-enabled cellphone.

Another feature currently under development narrows down search results for any given topic to the last 24 hours, or the past week, giving a fresher perspective as the search engine trolls through news sites, blogs and general information available. Google Squared, to become available next month, will also allow users to surf the Internet to create spreadsheets based on their search queries.

The slew of new features were expected, considering the growing popularity of real-times search products, like the search feature on the popular microblogging site Twitter.

It is also being seen as a move to minimize the impact Wolfram Alpha might have on netizens worldwide once it is launched in the next few weeks. There is no doubt the bigwigs at Google are worried about losing their user base to a search engine that promises to revolutionize the way people search for information online.

So what does it ultimately mean for the end user? Put simply, it could signify an end to Internet junk. Instead of the millions of pages that are thrown up as a result of any single query, Google, with its extra layer of semantic search, and the ‘promising’ Wolfram Alpha will show only credible information that both students and researchers worldwide can use to their advantage.

It also signifies the dawn of Search 3.0 — which means we can find whatever we need online, and very fast.

(With inputs from agencies)



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