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Facebook face-off

Moni Mathews / 19 February 2012

Wife discovers husbandís second wedding on Facebook. Another woman learns of divorce via Twitter. Some leave messages on Facebook before pulling the curtains on their life.

And in the latest twist to the social media scene, a 15-year-old takes to Facebook to curse and complain about her parents. The disgusted father later blasts her laptop with a gun.

The incident has brought in more than 26 million views on YouTube and tens of thousands more on Facebook.

Whether you love or hate a person, the obvious question that comes into our minds is — how do you recover from the damage while dabbling in social media?

You have to decide for yourself. Relationships are broken in seconds by social media tools. Considering this, what can happen on the wrong side of one’s life while using their phones, Facebook and Ttwitter accounts are frightening if not mind boggling.

However, the advantages are many and at present far outweigh the negative aspects. There are various arguments to this but the younger generation without any social or family responsibility and deranged people can be “killers” in no time.

Social media can be an asset especially when alcohol consumption by teenagers are put on the sites as examples to deter them from the addiction.

Recently, a group of teens in Britain tried to turn a tragedy into a worldwide movement, using the speed of social media.

The message read: “Drinking and driving is not cool, and you and your friends could die if you take the party on the road.”

Another celebrity social media meltdown took place earlier this week. Twitter, as well as any other form of social media is vital for celebrities and brands. Many have made public mistakes online, and will continue to do so under stress and pressure, which they go through 24/7. Social media is more addictive than cigarettes or alcohol, experts say. Another website blog says: “It goes on to add that it’s (social media) a lot cheaper than cigarettes or alcohol.”

Social media is so very convenient — it’s so easily available, nearly everywhere.

In moderation, the tools are a boon to life. If it’s not disturbing your lifestyle or routine, there should not be much concern attached to it.

But what would you do in a scenario like the latest daughter-dad family feud? Would you really want to fight it out on Facebook or talk it out over a cup of tea?

·         —moni@khaleejtimes.com

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