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Millions Recovered in Fines as Dubai Gets Tough on Errant Drivers

(Amira Agarib) / 17 June 2009

DUBAI — The point appears to have been driven home. Traffic departments countrywide have recovered to date Dh44 million in unpaid fines upon a Dubai Police initiative launched in January this year.

The initiative—in which the licence and vehicle of those in default ofDh500 or more are being impounded by the traffic department of the Dubai Police —is set to become the norm for other traffic departments in the UAE. Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Deputy Director of Dubai Police’s Traffic Department, said about 14,000 licences and cars had been siezed so far, 13,000 of them involving those with accumulated fines. The rest involved those with more than 24 black points.

Al Mazroui said the department would take new measures to prevent violations being registered in the car owner’s name if it is committed by another driver.


Know Your Limit

Parking illegally in special needs space—Dh 500

Jumping a red light—Dh 800

Reckless driving— Dh 2,000

Overtaking in a prohibited way— Dh 600


In February, Khaleej Times reported a list of those who had amassed fines over previous months. One of the worst offenders was an Arab woman with outstandings of Dh70,370 for 295 traffic law violations across three emirates. Al Mazroui said the success of the procedure has drawn attention and the Ministry of Interior has recommended that it be implemented nationwide. A date for it is yet to be set. The campaign has netted Dh44 million for traffic departments, including roads authorities for parking offences, in other emirates. Several million in fines were also recovered in Dubai, though an exact figure was unavailable.

He said police now withdraw driving licences on the spot if the driver is found with outstanding fines of more than Dh500 and does not return them till the fees are paid.

“The new rule would oblige the motorists to contact the traffic department to review their files to avoid being stopped on road and subject to seizure of cars and driving licence,” Al Mazroui said. “Unless the driver paid the whole traffic fine, the driving licence and the car will not be returned.”

If the amount is more than Dh1,000, the traffic department can arrange a payment plan.


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