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Men Gets Jail for Forcing Wife to Undergo Abortion

Ahmed Shaaban / 29 December 2009

DUBAI — The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance, presided over by Judge Hamad Abduljawwad, on Monday sentenced a man in his twenties 
to six months in jail on charges of forcing his wife to take ‘Cytotec’ pills to 
induce abortion.

The man, who is a student, did not want his wife to give birth to the child, even though it was against her wishes.

As per court records, the case dates back to August 2008, when the Dubai Public Prosecution referred the accused to the court for putting his wife’s life at stake. He threatened to kill her unless she got the foetus aborted and forced her to take four pills at a time to induce abortion.

The woman, who is three years older than her husband, told the prosecution that she got married to the man in Fujairah in March 2008. However, he divorced her five months later, and then remarried her.    

The woman also told the prosecution that her husband became angry when she told him about her pregnancy in April 2008. Instead of congratulating her he said he did not want the baby.

When the woman insisted on keeping the baby, her husband pleasantly coaxed her to accompany him to his father’s farm in Haat. Once there, he asked her to stop eating and forced her to take the drugs.

She tried to escape from the farm, but finally she surrendered to his wish for the fear that he might beat her up severely or kill her which he threatened to do. The woman told prosecution that the foetus was aborted immediately after taking the pills.

The day after, she lodged a complaint against her husband with the police. As per the report of the Criminal Investigations Department of the Dubai Police, the woman was in the early months of pregancy when the abortion happened. She was forced to take Cytotec pills which contained misoprostol which is used in cases of gastric ulcers.

Man on Trial over Fudging Parking Card

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance on Monday started hearing a case in which an Asian is accused of fudging an expired pre-paid parking card.

The 32-year-old Pakistani defendant, who pleaded not guilty in the court, allegedly fudged the original number indicating the month on the card to read it as 10 instead of 01 and used the paid parking areas under the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

A parking controller of the RTA told the prosecution that he noticed the defaced card in a Toyota Camry parked at a paid parking space in Hamriya area around 8.30am on August 11 this year. On suspicion, he checked in his parking ticket device and found that the card’s validity was over. The month digit was changed from 01 to 10.

The police took the defendant into custody and he admitted to the crime and sought pardon.          

The court approved the defence lawyer’s request to have enough time to look into the suit, and fixed rthe next hearing on January 18, 2010.


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