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Blitzkrieg on ‘spam TV channels’

By a staff reporter / 28 September 2005

DUBAI — In an effort to complement the ongoing campaign launched by the Juvenile Association of Dubai Police against television channels airing obscene video clips, the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charity Works of Dubai Government will highlight the issue during the Friday prayers in all the mosques in the emirates, among a slew of other initiatives.

The campaign, titled "No to spam television channels", will go on till October 2.

Dr Hamad bin Al Shaikh Al Shebani, Director General of the department, said the departments will take part in the campaign aiming at discouraging youth from watching such cheap and obscene channels which violate the Islamic morals and teachings.

"In addition, we will also highlight the dangers of watching spam television channels in various articles in Al Diaa Magazine which will be distributed along with Al Bayan newspaper. We will also distribute awareness pamphlets printed in Arabic and English urging youth to find a more respectful and educative alternative to such channels," he said.

"We will also produce a television programme in which the owners of such channels and the organisers of the campaign will participate, and they will have full freedom to express their opinion. We will also have researchers who are professional in conveying the right message to youth in the programme, and highlight the negative impact of watching obscene video clips frequently," Dr Al Shebani said.

He said: "We will also publish awareness articles in Arabic and Chinese newspapers in addition to organising a lecture on the theme "What are my eyes watching?" at the Philippines consulate and the Chinese Dragon Market. We will also send SMS awareness messages requesting them to closely monitor what their children were viewing. The logo of the campaign will also be pasted on the department's cars and also on transport buses. We will also place the logo of the campaign on drinking mugs, which will be distributed among schools, and also on school stationery. We are trying all methods to ensure the success of the noble campaign aimed at protecting the youth."




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